Tip #2: Boost your Immunity!

At a time when keeping healthy is of the upmost importance, our second stay at home tip is about keeping your immune system in top shape! Although there are many ways to do this (balanced diet, probiotics, etc) we’re talking tagines, or specifically, the benefits of slow cooking. Good thing too, as no doubt our previous dancing tip worked up an appetite!

Aside from getting a decent amount of exercise and keeping a healthy sleep pattern, it’s clear that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is a great way to boost your immune system. Eaten raw you get loads of vitamins and nutrients directly into your system, but we can’t all eat salads every day. Cooking is a great way to ensure you’re getting your five a day – and today, we’re focusing on one particular way of cooking we happen to be quite knowledgeable in.

Typically with slow cooking, food is cooked for longer periods of time under low heat. Not only does this keep nutrients in food more stable, it also packs in a whole load more flavour! Any one who has tried our tagines will be able to attest to this. Traditional clay tagines (like the ones we use at our venues) are optimally designed to keep heat in and distribute it in such a way that it is not concentrated in any one particular area. Even if you don’t own a tagine at home, you can still use an electronic slow cooker or even a regular heavy-bottomed pot to achieve similar results!

If we’ve sufficiently whet your appetite and got those inspirational cooking juices flowing, here’s a recipe we developed earlier for you to try at home. The duck can be substituted for other poultry, such as chicken. Feel free to experiment and use whatever you have at home (we’re all staying at home after all). If you do decide to give it a go, we’d love to see your results! Share your meal on social media tagging us @MamouniaLounge and also use the hashtag #MamouniaStayAtHomeSurvivalKit

We’re compiling as many tips as we can to help people stay occupied, creative and healthy during these unprecedented times. See our Stay at Home Survival Kit here for all our tips!

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